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Privacy policy

In case where we receive estimation request from clients, we also receive their personal information such as the home address, the name, the phone number, the e-mail address, or the list of items we take in custody, etc. We manage and make use of our client’s personal information appropriately along with the policy, “Management of Personal Information” that is mentioned below.

Management of Personal Information

We obtain and make use of our client’s personal information within the range of purposes defined as below.

  • Receiving requests of estimation.
  • Responding to requests of estimation.

The personal information would be promptly erased after (one of) the purposes mentioned above are (is) achieved and the personal information being kept for a necessary period of time.
We do not disclose or provide any of the personal information without a permission of the client himself/herself except for the cases that are mentioned below.

The case where it’s necessary to save life, health, or an enormous amount of property or profit of the client him/herself or public. The case where it’s necessary to follow the law defined by the Japanese government. The case where it’s requested by the client him/herself to disclose the personal information. In case where you request a deletion or a correction, as a result of the disclosure, after we verify your identity, we handle it promptly to a reasonable extent.

Please note that there’re some cases where we cannot provide the estimation if we could not obtain the client’s personal information.
When we give the client the estimation, there’re some cases where we send out a piece of data called ‘cookie’ to the browser on the client’s device. We only make use of the cookie to provide better service. If the client would not like to receive the cookie, he/she can change the setting on the browser. In this case, it’s possible that there is a part of the service that the client cannot receive.

Personal Information Inquire Counter

Please give us a call or send out an e-mail to the counter mentioned below.
Personal Information Counter: Prorow Co., Ltd.
3-19-15, Shiratori, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Phone number:
(9AM-6PM on keek days. Out of service on weekends, and holidays)
FAX number:
E – Mail :

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