A Japanese Language School For Everyone

Prorow Japanese Language School

Educational philosophy

Through learning Japanese, we can develop the ability to look back at ourselves better, and understand different cultures better. Ability to express one’s mind
Ability to understand the feelings of others
Acquisition of skills necessary for mutual understanding

A Japanese Language School For Everyone

A Japanese Language School For Everyone

At our school, we value the "now" and "future" of each and every one of you who enrolled with friendly counseling and guidance, and we will provide detailed support not only for daily lessons, but also for life problems and career paths.

Learning Japanese is not your goal, but the first step towards a bright future.

Living environment

Guideline & Environment

Katsushika Ward, where the school is located, is located in the downtown area of Tokyo and is a district rich in the scent of Japanese culture.

About 30 minutes to Tokyo Station.

The area around the school is a cultural district, which is safe and convenient for shopping.

Access Map

3-19-15 Shiratori, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 
TEL 03-6662-7901 
FAX 03-6662-7902

Education content

Education content

Wide range of support from "beginner" to "advanced"

From the complete acquisition of daily conversation, we will cultivate the basic ability to read and write about 500 Chinese characters freely, and we will also learn reading and writing from specialized conversation.
There are also classes for preparing for the acquisition of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and classes for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students.
At the advanced level, students will acquire highly specialized Japanese conversation and expression skills, and will also prepare for entrance exams for vocational schools and universities.

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